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Executive Roles

League Executive
Peterborough Men’s Slo-Pitch League Executive Roles

Call and chair executive meetings and draft day/AGM
Prepare agendas
Assign duties and responsibilities
Oversee all operations of league as per rules and by-laws
Appoint members of the ratings committee
Meet with managers on draft day
Prepare handouts (score books, game sheets and highlight sheets)
Manager replacements
Opening day ceremony and introductions
On field trophy presentations to winners
Final banquet awards and speeches
Discipline problems

Vice President
Assist President in carrying out his duties
Prepare to take over the position of President in the future

Past President
Provide advice and context for all Executive members

Record and distribute minutes of each meeting
Book parks from City (Kinsmen) by Jan 31 each year
Book Evinrude Centre for AGM/Draft Day
Book meeting facilities for executive meetings
Maintain historical file of past meeting minutes

Collect fees/pay bills
Record and manage all financial aspects of the league
Invoice each sponsor annually

Gather registrations
Keep an up to date list of all players
Buy insurance for league/players
Assist players with insurance forms and submission of claims
Notify city about injuries where an ambulance is called or immediate hospital treatment is required

Prepares schedule of umpires for all league and playoff games
Recruitment and rules
Meet with umpires on Draft Day
In-service training as required

Maintain the website on an ongoing basis , which involves
Posting of meeting minutes and financial statements
Keeping announcements current, e.g. social events
Keeping the standings current, provide summaries on the games
Updating player contact information
Updating and posting of all schedules (games, umpires)
Customizing the game schedule template yearly
Notification of rainouts through email to all players with emails

Equipment Manager
Purchase of bats (April – if needed), 15 dozen balls (December), hats (March and distribute at AGM in April),
  helmets (March), trophies, engraving, sweaters, prizes (September).
Keep list of replacement sweaters

Social Coordinator
Arrange for hall and food for yearend banquet
Arrange annual golf tournament
Arrange annual card night
Team photos and distribution
Arrange for dignitaries at special events, e.g. opening day
Arrange for press and publicity as required
Send out sick and sympathy cards as required

Wed Ball Coordinator
Manage the Wed ball league
Recruit new players
Rate players
Provide names and ratings for players when requested by managers

The President may appoint, from time to time, players whose function it will be
to support the workings of the Executive. The person or persons will be
voting members of the Executive

Other Functions

Ratings Committee
A rating committee appointed by the President
Committee rates each player in the league considering manager input provided the end of the previous season
Committee creates teams using a blind random system that ensures each team has an equal assignment of the various ranks
Committee reviews and edits intial teams to ensure ecah has a manager and an equal number of pitchers

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