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League Bylaws

Rules and Bylaws
Peterborough Men's Senior Slo-Pitch League Bylaws (March 21, 2021)

    1. Name

        1.1. The name of the organization shall be the Peterborough Men's Senior Slo-Pitch League

    2. Purpose

        2.1. The purpose of the organization is to provide a venue for men 55 years of age and older to play recreational slo-pitch softball.

    3. Code of Conduct

        3.1. The “Spirit of the League” is based on fair play, fun, exercise and safety.

        3.2. Any member who does not adhere to the “Spirit of the League” may be subjected to disciplinary action by the league Executive.

    4. Membership

        4.1. Membership shall be open to all men who will be 55 years of age or older within the calendar year of the season in which
they participate.

        4.2. Members may include active players, non-playing umpires, non-playing managers and a non-playing permanent scorekeeper.

        4.3. The League is composed of two divisions.

            a) A primary division of full time permanent members who play games on set teams every Tuesday and Thursday.

            b) A secondary division of non-rostered players who participate in organized pick-up games on Wednesdays.  The Wednesday
division allows for new player assessment and acts as the feeder group for the Tuesday/Thursday division.

        4.4. Members who retire from the League will retain the social rights and privileges of the active members.

        4.5. The Executive shall determine membership fees.

            a) Membership fees for the Wednesday division shall be less than the fees for the Tuesday/Thursday division.

            b) Players who have not paid their membership fees may not participate in any games.

            c) Non-playing members are not required to pay a fee.

            d) A player who withdraws from the league prior to May 30 is entitled to a 100% fee refund. A player who withdraws from the league
between June 1 and July 31 is entitled to a 50% fee refund.  Players who withdraw after July 31 are not eligible for a refund.

            e) A player called up full time to the Tuesday/Thursday division from the Wednesday division prior to May 30 will pay the full league fee less
any Wednesday division fees already paid.  A player called up full time between June 1 and July 31 shall pay 50% of the full league fee less any Wednesday division fees already paid.  A player called up full time after July 31 will not be required to pay any additional fees.

        4.6. League insurance requires each member to self-register on-line. Onus is on the member to ensure they are registered.  Members who do
not register are not insured and may not take part in any games.  NOTE: members need only register once and are not required to register every season.

        4.7. A single season leave of absence from the Tuesday/Thursday division may be approved at the discretion of the Executive.
Players returning from an approved leave shall be rostered to the Tuesday/Thursday division without the need to re-start in the Wednesday division.

        4.8. When a Tuesday/Thursday player is likely to be absent for more than two weeks, a temporary replacement of equal or lesser ranking may
be assigned by the President or his delegate from the roster of the Wednesday division players. The temporary replacement may remain on that team until the absent player returns or until the end of the season, whichever occurs first. Replacement players are not guaranteed a permanent Tuesday/Thursday roster position.

        4.9. Members who have played the longest in the Wednesday division shall be the first to be asked to fill permanent vacancies in the
Tuesday/Thursday division.  

    5.  Creation of Teams

        5.1. Prior to the start of each season, the Executive, with input from the previous season’s managers, shall rank players in the
Tuesday/Thursday division according to their skills and ability. Teams shall then be created using an impartial system which ensures each team contains an equal number of players in each of the various skill levels.

        5.2. Players in the Wednesday division shall be evaluated by the Wednesday coordinator as soon as possible in each season so that they
may be brought into the Tuesday/Thursday division at the most appropriate ranking.

    6.  Sponsors

        6.1. Sponsors shall pay a fee each year in the amount set by the Executive.
6.2. Sponsors shall replace team jerseys as needed, however sponsors will not be required to pay the annual fee in any year that they supply
new jerseys.

6.3. Sponsors who are also active players are required to pay the annual player fee.

    7.  Executive

        7.1. The Executive is responsible for all matters related to the League.

        7.2. If a member is disciplined because of inappropriate behaviour he will have the right of appeal to the Executive. The Executive's
ultimate decision will reflect the best interests of the League and its players.

        7.3. Active members and alumni may hold an Executive position.

        7.4. Officers of the Executive shall include
            a) President
            b) Immediate Past President
            c) Vice President
            d) Treasurer
            e) Registrar
            f) Secretary
            g) and any other officer as determined by the President.

        7.5. The Executive shall make an annual call to the membership seeking interest in joining the Executive.

        7.6. Executive positions may be selected by acclimation.  An election shall be held if more than one member seeks the same position.

        7.7. Executive positions shall be held for a term of one year, but may be extended should the incumbent agree and there is no other interest.

        7.8. In the event a vacancy occurs during the year, it may be filled for the remainder of the term by Executive appointment.

        7.9. In the event of a vacancy, an Executive member may hold more than one position.

        7.10. A quorum is 50% plus 1 officers present at a meeting of the Executive.

        7.11. All cheques shall be signed by any two of Treasurer, Registrar and/or President.

    8. Annual Financial Review

        8.1. A financial review shall be conducted each calendar year.

        8.2. A financial statement shall be presented to the membership each calendar year.

    9. General Meetings

        9.1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held prior to the start of each season.

    10. Amendments to the By-Laws

        10.1. The Executive have the permission of the membership to amend the by-laws without tabling at the AGM to bring them up to date with the
  current reality of league operations (per 2017 AGM).  

        10.2. Members may at any time request the Executive consider amendments.

    11.  Bereavement

11.1    Upon the death of an active member or his spouse or partner a $50 donation will be made to a charity identified by the family.

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