Registration Form - Wednesday - Peterborough Mens Senior Slo Pitch

Peterborough Men's
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Registration Form - Wednesday

Peterborough Men's Senior SloPitch – Registration - Wednesday Division

Print off (Ctrl-P) and submit this completed form to the Wednesday Division Coordinator prior to your first game.

The registration fee is $75.  

Attach a cheque (no cash) made payable to "Peterborough Men's Senior SloPitch League"

Name ________________________________________________________________

Birth Date (dd/mm/yy): _____________________

Phone # ________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________________


Email Address  _________________________________________________

Partner (if applicable) ________________________________________

Please list any medication, allergies or other issues that may affect your safe participation in senior men's slopitch.


I am willing and able to play full time in the Primary Division on Tuesdays and Thursdays if a vacancy arises. (circle one)    Yes   No    

Signature _________________________________________

If you have any questions please send an email to peterboroughsrslopitch@gmail com

Note: Before playing your first game you must register with NSA Canada for insurance purposes.
Instructions can be found on the league website at

Coordinator Use Only (suggested rating 1-7) _________
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